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Equipment List


Sound Devices 888,  Mixpre-10t-ii


Lectrosonics Wireless System



Schoeps CMIT5U , MK41

DPA 6060/4060, Sanken Cos-11d

Sennheiser Camera Hop/IFB

Ambient Recording Lockit system

Deneke Timecode Slate


Mixer Operator Rates

  • $800/10hr

  • 1.5x @10

  • 2x @ 12​

Gear Rental Rates

Basic Kit (Mixer, Boom, 2 Lavs) $450/day

  • Additional Lavs: $75

  • IFB: $50/each

Timecode Lockits: $50/each

Timecode Slate: $75

By hiring TwoHueCreative, you agree to Net30 payment of invoices and a 5% late fee per week overdue.

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